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On 04 January 2022, at around 9pm, a fire broke out at our factory in Gauchy (France). In less than two hours, all of our material resources were lost. Fortunately, as there were no victims, the human capital was preserved. All the company’s forces were immediately mobilised. The day after the fire, a monitoring committee composed of the parent company

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HAZEMEYER plant in Gauchy France fire Information release

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Two weeks after the fire at our site in Gauchy (France), our subsidiary HAZEMEYER has reopened thanks to the strength of the group and the professionalism of our employees, we remain fully capable of dealing with our customers’ requests.  Supported logistically by the local authorities, HAZEMEYER’s administrative functions are operational and available to respond to requests. The sales force is

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Your electrical distribution system is a major issue for your data centre DATA CENTRES: A FAST-GROWING MARKET REQUIRING HIGH-LEVEL MAINTENANCE. According to a recent study by the European Commission in March 2021, the energy consumption of data centres in the EU is expected to rise from 76.8 TWh to 98.52 TWh by 2030, an increase of 28%. It is therefore

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Thumbnail hazemeyer IP13

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In Ivry/Paris XIII (IP13) the current incineration centre, the largest waste incinerator in Europe, is coming to the end of its life, as its operating life cannot extend beyond 2023. To meet the new environmental challenges, an ambitious project to transform the current site is about to be launched. The birth of a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly factory  A new energy

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The health and safety of employees must be ensured on a daily basis and environmental protection must be increasingly encouraged. Companies must constantly adapt to meet these objectives in the best possible way. Hazemeyer is part of this progressive approach and is renewing its’ MASE certification for a further three years in order to achieve ever-higher performance in terms of

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