On-board electrical security, Hazemeyer’s commitment

Your challenges

Marine vessels (cruise, merchant, naval ships) all need a consistent and reliable electrical supply that is constantly available.

The specific features of the ship building process require suppliers who are flexible and responsive.

In a sector with strong international competition and in which major investments are made over the long-term, competitive technical solutions must combine reliability, longevity and a compatible upgrade path.

Our solutions

With its adapted line of Manufacturer Panels, Hazemeyer offers you its experience in the resourcing of “Marine” projects as a fully-integrated sub-contractor.

Hazemeyer can support you throughout the working life of your vessel.

The 410 or 690 Volt pull-out or removable manufacturer panels are certified according to :

  • IEC 61439-2 standard
  • BV Rules for classification of steel ships

Our wide range of products will meet your needs in terms of PCC, MCC, panels and associated manufacturer services.

Our partnership with our reference clients, for the construction and provision of their Low-Voltage switchboards in particular, can also be formalized through framework contracts.

With one of the largest numbers of switchboards installed in France, you will benefit from Hazemeyer’s unequalled “lessons learned” from previous experience. Our sales engineers will define with you the technical/economic solutions best suited to your needs.

Hazemeyer can also comprehensively manage your electrical project, including the supplying of low and/or high voltage equipment.

Hazemeyer‘s services can extend as far as the commissioning of your “turnkey” project.

Hazemeyer services offers you the expertise of its technicians for the auditing of your existing facilities.

Our teams have extensive experience with work in the demanding conditions of your on-going operational activities with minimized down-times.

As proof of the commitment of all of its personnel, Hazemeyer services has obtained the MASE-UIC certification.

Some references

  • DCNS
  • STX

Our products

  • Liberty 333
  • Liberty 223/233