Bringing absolute safety to the nuclear power industry

Your challenges

The growing energy needs and the strong emphasis on environmental factors have entailed a significant development of nuclear power generation capacity and the optimization of existing facilities.‎

The nuclear power industry, a state-of-the-art sector with safety as an utmost priority, requires exceptional levels of ‎service and safety from its suppliers.‎

Our solutions

As a long-established manufacturer of electricity distribution solutions for the nuclear power industry, Hazemeyer designs and develops solutions that are fully aligned with the requirements of its customers in this sector.‎

Hazemeyer’s know-how is based on its large installed equipment base, including many end-to-end ‎projects.‎

For the needs of this specific market, Hazemeyer offers a line of General Low-Voltage switchboards with earthquake-resistant reinforcement, tested in accordance with the EDF Technical Specifications :

  • n°. CRT 91 C 112 00
  • These switchboards are also compliant with the IEC 60980 and IEC 60068-3-3 standards

Our sales engineers will define with you the technical-economic solutions best suited to your needs for:‎

  • Your new projects
  • Your site upgrades
  • Revamping (hot swapping of obsolete functional units)

Hazemeyer can manage your electricity project from end to end.‎

Hazemeyer’s services can extend as far as the commissioning of your “turnkey” project.

Our turnkey offer includes:

  • Complete electrical sub-stations, in-factory prefabricated shelters
  • Electrical distribution equipment
    • HVA
    • HV/LV Transformation
    • Low Voltage switchboards
    • Bus ducts
    • Uninterruptible Main Switchboards  (TGO)
    • MDI
  • Electrical securing of facilities
  • IMCS
  • Control and automation

With personnel authorized for work in controlled zones, Hazemeyer services has integrated into its procedures the specific requirements of electrical facilities of the nuclear industry for:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance

As proof of the commitment of its entire staff, Hazemeyer services obtained the MASE-UIC certification.

Some references

  • CERN
  • Centrales de production
  • Laser Mégajoule
  • CEA Marcoule, Saclay
  • COGEMA La-hague

Our products

  • Liberty 333
  • Liberty 223/233
  • TRA