Solutions at the service of your infrastructure

Your challenges

Airports, highways and railroads require service continuity that is essential for the safety of operational ‎personnel and users.‎

Your facilities must rely on very high-quality, secure and high-availability power supply.

This industry involves major long-term investments and must be accompanied by technical solutions that ‎guarantee reliability, longevity and upgradability.

Our solutions

Hazemeyer, a leading manufacturer of electrical switchboards for more than fifty years now, was one of the pioneers in the manufacturing of withdrawable and disconnectable switchboards to meet the needs of the industrial companies of these business sectors.

With one of the largest numbers of MCC installed in France, you benefit from Hazemeyer’s unparalleled experience and lessons learned.

To withstand harsh operating environments, we design and manufacture electric boards ‎using 20/10 sheet metal, epoxy ‎paints (guaranteed 80 microns) and reinforced architectures‎.

Our sales engineers will define with you the technical-economic solutions best suited to your needs for :

  • Your new projects
  • Your site upgrades
  • Revamping (hot swapping of obsolete functional units)

Hazemeyer can also manage your electrical project from end to end, including the supply of low and/or high voltage Equipment.

Hazemeyer’s services can include the commissioning of your “turnkey” project.

Our turnkey offer includes:

  • Complete electrical sub-stations
  • Electrical distribution equipment
    • HVA
    • HV/LV Transformation
    • Low Voltage switchboards
    • Bus ducts
    • Uninterruptible Main Switchboards  (TGO)
    • MDI
  • Electrical securing of facilities
  • IMCS
  • Control and automation

Hazemeyer services places at your disposal the full expertise of its technical personnel for the audit of your existing facilities.‎

Our teams have extensive experience with work in the demanding conditions of your ongoing operational activities with minimized downtimes.

As proof of the commitment of all of its personnel, Hazemeyer services has obtained the MASE-UIC certification.

Some references

  • Tunnels urbains
  • SNCF
  • Aéroports de Paris
  • CNR
  • Aéroports de Lyon

Our products

  • Medium Voltage switchboards
  • Liberty 333
  • Liberty 223/233