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Your electrical distribution system is a major issue for your data centre


According to a recent study by the European Commission in March 2021, the energy consumption of data centres in the EU is expected to rise from 76.8 TWh to 98.52 TWh by 2030, an increase of 28%. It is therefore a strategic item in terms of budget. Breakdowns can cost up to 1 million euros per hour! In addition, your electrical distribution system is a determining factor in the smooth running of your data centre. Quite simply: the electrical distribution of your data centre is all your electrical panels (TGBT, TG HQ, TGS, PDU, etc.)

Here are your 3 priorities to guarantee the availability of your data centre:

electrical distribution maintenance

Have an optimal installation in the shortest possible time

Your equipment must be correctly set up but also implemented according to the regulations and in accordance with professional standards. First of all, think about having a precise inventory of your electrical installation. Then you need to rely on competent and responsive technicians, but also on available spare parts.


Strengthen the reliability of your installation to guarantee its continuity of service

How do you go about it?

  • Identify your needs according to the critically of your equipment and your processes.
  • Define a multi-annual maintenance policy for your installations.
  • Budget your expenditure. Prioritise your budget choices.

The older your equipment gets, the higher the risks for your staff and your facility. Conversely, the less reliable the equipment, the higher the costs of corrective maintenance.


Manage the obsolescence of your equipment at a lower cost and without disruption to your business

Make sure that your equipment lasts. Do you know how long you can expect to have spare parts available? Define and implement a spare parts management policy based on the criticality of the equipment and the process.

This sustainability will be possible if you meet these 3 criteria:

  • Have 1st emergency parts.
  • Have skills to identify breakdowns.
  • Be able to intervene as quickly as possible to get things up and running again.


The maintenance of your electrical distribution is essential. Demand excellence!

You need your installations to be available at all times, which is why it is important to maintain your electrical panels.