Replacement of the main LVB in the substation

Hazemeyer replaces a P8A substation switchboard, on a Seveso site, for BorealisAs part of the security of its installations, Boréalis Grand-Quevilly wanted to replace the switchboard of the P8A substation. This main switchboard is a key point for the operation and safety of the whole site: it is used to supply water to the supply pumps.

The project assigned to the Hazemeyer teams consisted in replacing the existing main switchboard in a very short time (one week) with a minimum of modification. It was therefore essential to minimize the rework on the power cables (incoming and outgoing) while respecting the available space. Hazemeyer suggested, after a precise measurement of the existing and a detailed study, a Liberty 333 LVB.



Minimise rework on power cables

Hazemeyer remplace un tableau de sous-station P8A, sur un site Seveso, pour Boréalis

The dimensions of the Liberty 333 corresponded to those of the previous table. The intervention therefore required only one significant rewiring of power cables. The team in charge of the project also proposed a precise planning, based on a delivery by section of the equipment, in order to limit the operations on site and thus to shorten the installation time.

Borealis chose Hazemeyer for its technical flexibility and that of its Liberty 333 board. The client was fully satisfied with the progress of this delicate operation. The objectives set before the project were well achieved by the teams.

All the Hazemeyer teams are delighted to have been able to participate in this project and thank their customers for their renewed confidence.

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