Polymers (polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene) produced by the petrochemical industry are used as raw materials in the manufacture of a wide range of domestic and industrial products.

There has been a strong increase in the demand for petrochemical intermediates caused by a growing demand for consumer goods, particularly from emerging countries. At the same time the petrochemical sector is undergoing profound changes linked, among other things, to societal dynamics such as the recognition of the environmental impact of industrial processes, the growth of the circular economy, etc. These various trends represent new opportunities for this sector to evolve.

This long standing customer, a major player in the oil sector, is committed to this and is investing several million euros to modernise the infrastructure of its’ Belgian site for the production of high added value polymers.


As part of a project to replace its polypropylene bagging line, the largest European polymer production site of the major French oil group, called on Hazemeyer to modernise the existing power supply and to take into account the consumers of its’ new line.

To meet the power supply needs of this logistical development, Hazemeyer supplied and installed a new transportable concrete electrical substation, equipped with a Liberty IS333 withdrawable switchboard, close to an existing substation.




Hazemeyer studied for its’ client, a Liberty IS333 TGBT/MCC composed of 4 columns for an “L” shaped installation with a corner box, in order to meet the space constraints of the project.This equipment ensures the continuity of service of the power supply as well as the interchangeability of the outgoing feeders with those of the switchboards already supplied by Hazemeyer for this site.

Hazemeyer tested the substation in the factory (FAT) and then proceeded to deliver and install it on site last January.
Eventually, this new substation will take over from the current substation, which has become obsolete.



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