Equipped with LIBERTY demonstration switchboards, the HAZEMEYER sales team and its support services have, once again this year, walked along the roads in a truck to stops directly at customers’ site.

From building sites in Southern France to engineering offices in Lyon and Tarbes cities to various chemical sites in France, the HAZEMEYER demonstration truck finally completed its customer tour in the Paris region.

After a demo at the Paris Roissy airport, the sales team introduced its Low Voltage switchboard to the SIAAP (the Paris urban area wastewater treatment authority), located in Valenton, in the Paris area.

« During each day, we met a dozen of customers representing different Departments of these two companies : project execution, new projects but also engineering and maintenance» comments Bernard Charpentier, Sales Manager at HAZEMEYER for the Paris region.

On this occasion, customers experienced the new features of the LIBERTY 223 and 233 (disconnectable LV switchboards) ; the LIBERTY 333 (withdrawable LV switchboards) and the successful integration of GemStart5 motor protection relays in these switchboards; the TRA switchboards and HAZEMEYER associated services.

Customers were more than happy to manipulate equipment without having to travel. A success to renew, certainly next year.