After the Liberty Tour’s success all over France, the Liberty Tour is back and becomes the « Liberty Road Tour » : it now stops directly at your site!

In its search for proximity, Hazemeyer decided to target customers who don’t have the possibility or the time to travel, by reproducing the Liberty Tour individually.

Equipped with Low Voltage demonstration switchboards, Hazemeyer’s salesforce and its support services walk along the roads in a truck. The teams continue to present the same technical workshops which contributed to the Liberty Tour ‘s success: IS presentation; IEC 61439 certification; 61641 technical guide, …

But what customers like most is manipulating equipment :

« We are asked by suppliers several times a day to visit their factory. The Liberty Road Tour actually enables to touch the products and discuss about them without loosing time» (Technical Manager)

«We are less and less numerous to carry out our daily tasks. The Liberty Road Tour  enables me to combine technical information with the rest of my tasks» (Manager of New Projects)