Hazemeyer MASE certificat

The health and safety of employees must be ensured on a daily basis and environmental protection must be increasingly encouraged. Companies must constantly adapt to meet these objectives in the best possible way.

Hazemeyer is part of this progressive approach and is renewing its’ MASE certification for a further three years in order to achieve ever-higher performance in terms of Safety, Health and Environment and productivity.

This renewal concerns the activities of commissioning electrical installations, maintenance and after-sales service.

The company confirms its’ ability to develop practices to optimise our organisation, communication and risk management in order to guarantee these objectives by continuing its efforts to continuously improve its safety management system in accordance with the reference system provided by the MASE organisation.

This certification requires the implementation of a continuous improvement system aimed at reducing risks at work, whatever the company’s activity.

To do this the reference system set up and requires:

  • A list of risks
  • Proactive decision making to reduce them
  • Staff training and information
  • The establishment of indicators to measure incidents and accidents at work
  • A better knowledge of the regulations in force

Hazemeyer accompanies you throughout the life of your installations with its dedicated services:

  • Services for new installations:
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • After-sales service
  • Services for existing installations:
    • Maintenance on long-term contract or on request
    • Modifications – extensions – revamping
  • Extension offers for Hazemeyer low and high voltage switchboards


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