Hazemeyer certificate iso9001_2021.jpgWith this renewal obtained at the end of 2020, Hazemeyer confirms its desire to pursue a process of continuous improvement in the quality of the services offered to its customers.
Indeed, thanks to its management system, Hazemeyer is constantly adapting in terms of agility, skills, innovation, risk management, cost control and ensures the supply of quality products and services that meet customer requirements.

The company continuously evolves its practices to generate added value and anticipate the needs and expectations of all parties.



What is the ISO 9001:2015 standard?

This international standard defines the requirements relating to the quality management system within an organisation.

The 2015 version of this standard integrates the notion of value chain management and guides companies to give greater consideration to risk management and detection of opportunities.

By setting up a quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, a company attests its ability to :

  • Consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through the implementation of this system.



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