Hazemeyer services provides after-sale service throughout the world

Hazemeyer services offers you all of the expertise of its technicians for an audit of your existing installed base.
Our teams have substantial experience with work in the demanding conditions of your on-going process activities with minimized shut-off times.

Hazemeyer services is determined to preserve the safety, health and environment of its activities and it has been certified since 2009 by the “MASE/UIC” common reference system.

Our sectors

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear
  • Buildings (Banks, Hospitals, Data Center)
  • Transportation (Airports, motorways, railways, marine)

Our services

New Equipment :

  • Installation, commissioning
    • Unloading
    • Assembly (busbar)
    • Calibration, tests, commissioning
  • After-sales

Installation already in operation :

  • Maintenance (long-term contract or on demand)
    • Audit, diagnostics
    • Technical review, technical assistance
    • Thermography
  • Modifications – extensions – revamping
    • Busbars, drawers, automation
    • Replacement of LV and MV circuit-breakers